Better than DeFi — StakeCube Review

I recently stumbled across StakeCube by pure accident. I was browsing Coingecko looking up old shitcoin DeFi projects from the September 2020 era that I either lost money in or narrowly avoided losing money in.

StakeCube was just kind of sitting there nestled in the #741 spot and I don’t know. Something about its three-cube logo icon caught my attention. I clicked.

And holy hell. I am so glad I did.

I’ve spent about a year now in the DeFi space. Investing. Making some money. Losing it all. Having to reinvest. I was exclusively on DeFi on the Ethereum network. I lost on Kore, CP3R, SMPL, Nami, Yoda Finance, all the various iterations of the Keeper Network… just to name a few.

And now… Welcome StakeCube. This has kind of been the holy grail of what I have been searching for this whole time.

Automatically Compounding Staking

It’s essentially a wallet that automatically stakes assets for you. You can withdraw any time. And the kicker… rewards compound back in to your wallet and get automatically added to your staked amount. It is the dream.

And most importantly. This team aren’t going to rug! They’re a real, committed team that have been working tirelessly for over two years. Kicking myself that I didn’t find this sooner.

In the last year or so I have spent hundreds of dollars (probably thousands given ETHs rise), in claiming rewards just to add back in to my initial stake. Now, after clicking through to StakeCube a week ago, this all gets automated with ZERO gas fees. Better than any DeFi project I’ve seen so far.

The list of coins available on StakeCube is also extremely cool. They have the classic big guys like Bitcoin, Dash, Litecoin, Dogecoin. And they also have some excellent low low market cap coins like Bitcoin Token that have massive potential to pop.

Compounding Interest on StakeCube
Automatically Compounding Interest

StakeCube MineCube

On top of being an epic auto compound staking wallet, StakeCube also has a mining service that lets you buy hashrate. You pay something like $4 for a worker that you can just set and forget for life and experience additional rewards to the compounding interest you are already receiving.

I bought a couple yesterday. I’ll try write a separate article on that experience in the next few months to give some insight into its profitability.

StakeCube Buy Hashrate mining power
StakeCube MineCube


Every single day, StakeCube spits out free coins for all members in the Faucets area. All you have to do is go there and hit the claim button. This comes from some of the exchange fees and what not.

It’s not much, but hey. Better than a poke in the eye. And over time, it all adds up. The team didn’t have to do this. But they did. Legends.

StakeCube Faucets
StakeCube Faucets refresh daily

Legitimate, committed team

I also like the team behind this project. They seem like a cool bunch of dudes that are motivated to make something cool. So, there’s that. You know that they’re real people. Something you usually don’t see in the DeFi space.

Shared Masternodes

There’s a collective pool of Masternodes that you can also buy shares in if that’s something that floats your boat. I bought a handful of SCC Masternode shares recently. I’ll write a separate article on that experience in the few months.


If you have Bitcoin just sitting stagnant in some wallet somewhere, not growing or doing anything, and you consider yourself a long term HODL’er, you’d be crazy not to let it sit in StakeCube. It’s 100% free and easy to join.

Join StakeCube

See for yourself.

This is not a paid article. This is not financial advice. I’m purely an enthusiast. Invest at your own risk.

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